Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Off To The Races!!!

So...creativity and creating can come in many forms.  Just because I wasn't creating with paper these last few days doesn't mean I wasn't creating!!!  I don't think a happy day can go by for me without making SOMETHING!  Last night was the Pinewood Derby for my cute little Bear Cubs, and my friend Pam and I were in charge of making the treats for after the big race.  They turned out so cute, I just had to share them with all of you!

Aren't they darling?!  We bought Zingers, Mini Oreos, and frosting in a tube with some tips attachments.  Super easy, and they were a BIG hit!  LOL  Another friend of mine took a picture last night and pinned it on Pinterest!  Haha! 
Here is a picture of my son's car.  He came in 2nd in his den, and now wants me to make him a shadow box for his car and his ribbon.  :o)  I think I can handle that!
Go create something!  It makes for a good day.  :o)  Happy crafting!