Friday, August 10, 2012

What a crazy summer!

I feel very accomplished today!  I confiscated the computer from my boys!!!  Hooray for me!  LOL  It really has been a struggle to get much computer time this summer.  Minecraft has been winning the battle!  But today, I rise triumphant!  LOL
Besides that, this summer really has been an extremely busy one!  I was selected to be a presenter at the Close To My Heart convention, which meant I was FORCED to play with completely new products before anybody else!  Whew!  It's hard work, but I took it on!  While getting ready for convention, I spent every evening for a week in the Texas heat at a cub scout day camp with Nolan.  Oh, my...hundreds of cubs chanting and marching from station to station.  I was very grateful that this summer was NOT like last summer.  Immediately after convention (I know I am crazy for scheduling all of this in a week) Justus had his wisdom teeth removed plus 4 others, a total of 8 teeth, to get ready for braces.  We then got everything organized for his Eagle Scout project which was held on that Friday and Saturday.  Wow!  After all of that, I sort of put myself in neutral and just coasted for a bit (as much as I could, anyways!)  :o) that I have control of the computer again, what do I have to show you?  I really want to start showing you what I created for convention with all of the new things, including the all fabulous Cricut Artiste cartridge!  I was so pleased with this cartridge, I can't even tell you!  It doesn't replace the Art Philosophy.  It's focus is on more three dimensional, home decor, and party themes.  I love it!  So, today I chose to show you my favorite scrapbook layout.  I really am proud of this one!  I wanted to make this layout something that Dane could enjoy, too.  So, along with lots of embellishing, I also did the journaling in print AND braille.
 I love this picture of Dane!  It's just precious!  I was assigned the Scolastic paper kit, so I was able to preview 4 of the 6 new colors!  I used the Stickease and the new brown Sparkles, plus the new antique gold Mini Medleys!!!
Here is where I really love what I did.  I used two 6x12 flip flaps so I could make it a bit more like a book to read.  I even did my journaling in a similar way to a first reader book.  I used the Artiste cartridge to cut out the envelope and tags for the journaling.  
I placed the printed journaling on the envelope.  I brailled the tags with a slate and stylus.  I am still learning braille, so this is done in grade 1 braille.  That's why it took two tags to write just this little bit!  The tags are totally accessible from the outside of the flip flaps because they have a slit allowing them to slip in and out of the pocket.  :o)  Pretty cool, huh?!
 Sorry about the glare.  I couldn't quite get the lighting right.  I just adore the Stickease that coordinates with this paper!  It really is fabulous!

 Here is the last section.  I really had fun coloring the darling butterflies with the gorgeous new Ruby!

So, here is the first of many!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Tomorrow will be something entirely different with the same paper!

Happy Crafting!

Cherri Hardcastle


  1. Congratulations for securing computer time!!! I LOVE these layouts! I spent plenty of time studying them close up and enjoying all of the awesome extra details you put in so they would be such an adventure to enjoy. :) Can't wait for more posts of your beautiful convention creations!!!

  2. Omg you are a super mom, you took the time to do your scrapbook in both languages per say. I personally think that you are the sweetest and kindest wan I've known. Kisses. Loved the layouts